Latest news from the world of cars

Latest news from the world of cars

Hi there! Did you miss the latest collections of interesting events? In this case, we have just a few relevant news that will surely appeal to you.

Volvo launches its first electric car

The XC40 Recharge P8 is the first production electric crossover in the history of the Swedish company. The novelty is equipped with two electric motors on each of the axes. In total, they generate an impressive 408 horsepower and up to 660 Nm of torque. With these characteristics, the crossover will give odds to many gasoline cars and even some sports cars. A new car will accelerate to a hundred in 5 seconds. But the maximum speed is not so impressive — only 180 Km/h. One charge will be enough for 400 kilometers.

European crash tests will start taking into account auxiliary systems

This unusual decision was made by Euro NCAP. You can understand the inspector — modern cars are full of a variety of sensors, radars and control systems for vehicle components. Of course, cruise control, autopilot, Highway assist and other functions significantly reduce driver fatigue and increase comfort, but they can also cause excessive relaxation and loss of concentration. The new rating will take into account the driver's engagement and ability to quickly take control of the situation.

Aznom Automotive to launch premium sedan

The Italian car should appear in public in October 2020 at the exhibition in Milan. The name of the future luxury model is known: Palladium. When creating concepts, designers and engineers guided themselves by classic sedans of the 30s of the last century. Prices for the new product have not yet been announced, but it is known that it will be released in a limited edition, has a length of 6 meters and 2 in height.

SCG to release supercar for normal roads

The American company is actively testing the road version of the 004C supercar. The chassis and body of the new car are made of carbon and composite materials, under the hood hides a 650-horsepower gasoline V8, similar to the one used in the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The production plant is designed for 100 cars a year, and the first batch will be sent to customers in late 2021 or early 2022. The preliminary price is $ 450,000.

Hyundai will start developing walking cars

The Korean manufacturer will create a separate division that will develop cars that can not only drive on roads, but also overcome major obstacles. The transformer car will be able to climb rocks and ledges that are inaccessible to any other model. This may appeal not only to fans of extreme recreation, but also to special services, which are often forced to work in areas where there are no roads. This invention will allow you to do without helicopters to rescue people in the mountains and hard-to-reach regions.

Jaguar and Land Rover decided to make salons out of garbage

The British Alliance will manufacture the trim from special Econyl nylon. The material is obtained by recycling ocean debris: plastic waste left in the sea, abandoned fishing nets and scraps of clothing obtained by processing fabrics. According to the manufacturer, the process of making such nylon is 90% safer for the environment than distilling similar materials from pure oil.

Nissan Leaf will become a mobile rescue station

The Japanese electric car has received a modification that will allow you to feed a jackhammer or an ALV for a long time. An additional set of batteries can be used to provide power for other instruments, as well as lighting and medical equipment. It is planned that such a “battery on wheels” will become an indispensable assistant for emergency services in conditions when ground and underground communications are damaged and there is no source of energy.

Musk promised affordable electric cars

Many people now dream of having their own Tesla in the garage, but the price of the California company's models is, to put it mildly, repulsive. Realizing this problem, Elon Musk announced two more budget versions of the electric car: one for the Chinese and one for the European markets. It is expected that the price of new items will vary around 25,000 dollars. For comparison, the Tesla Model 3 now costs about 38,000 “greens". This dramatic reduction in prices was made possible by a significant drop in the cost of batteries, which are undoubtedly the main component of each such car.

Honda has started the production of the electric SUV

The new Japanese crossover is still presented as a concept, but in the near future it will receive a production version. The car will get frameless doors, elegant trapezoidal headlights connected by a led strip, a highlighted logo on the hood and... the complete absence of side mirrors. It is assumed that their function will be taken over by an adaptive driver assistance system, but all details about the technical “stuffing” and characteristics are kept strictly secret.

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