Lantern Festival in China

Lantern Festival in China

On February 15, all of China blushes with its own beauty. Cities are flooded with scarlet lanterns of all kinds of shapes, and the public flashes through the streets with rapturous faces.

The Chinese New Year falls on February 1 this year. The brightest celebration takes place on the night before New Year's Eve, but the holiday itself lasts a month. And it doesn't stop with just one New Year's Eve. Hidden in its middle is another event — the Lantern Festival.

The Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th lunar day after the New Year. Traditionally, on this day the ancestors come down to Earth. They strive to get to their families, and lanterns light their way to their home.

China is not the only country where colorful lanterns are launched on this day. The aerial ritual is also maintained in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. You can visit the Lantern Festival in one of these countries and see its fabulous splendor. And for the most comfortable journey, we advise you to rent a car. GetRentacar is always at your service! 

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