Lamborghini Aventador: Italian supercar at its finest

Lamborghini Aventador: Italian supercar at its finest

The legendary brand, which remains the dream of many car enthusiasts, still impresses with its characteristics.

2011 is considered to be the date of birth of the «Aventador» model, although in 2016 the car underwent significant changes both in appearance and in "stuffing". Serious modernization befell its chassis, but first things first.


What to say about Aventador in a nutshell? It looks powerful: cocky and bold Italian design is reflected in a heavy, massive, but at the same time subtle body. Huge wheel arches almost the entire body-sized, a long nose and a weighty stern are the features of this supercar. The line of the hood flows smoothly into the “tail”, decorated with original lanterns and a unique hexagonal exhaust pipe. Huge side air intakes sit just behind the signature vertical doors to cool the radiators. The clearance is only 115 millimeters, so it makes driving such a car only possible on perfectly flat asphalt, but this is exactly what it was created for.


Behind the aggressive "facade" there is an equally aggressive "core". There is something to think about: an aluminum 12-cylinder V-shaped beast is located in the rear section of this Lamborghini. The 6.5-liter engine is equipped with a 48-valve (!) gas mechanism, which together give 740 "horses" at 8400 rpm. The maximum torque available is a little short of 700 — 690 Nm. You have to drive such a monster with a 7-speed automatic gearbox, but even this seems to be insufficient. From the start, the car accelerates effortlessly, presses the pilot into the seat, and the speedometer exchanges the first hundred km/h in 3 seconds. 200 km / h is covered in 8.8 seconds. 300 km / h is much longer achievable, but nevertheless 24.4 seconds and all you left behind swallow the dust. The maximum speed is locked at 350 km / h. It is not surprising that the car's gluttony matches the speed - 17 liters of gasoline per 100 km. This is, by the way, an almost full garden bucket.


The "filling" of the cabin keeps the level. "Aventador" presented the original main console, which is located not vertically, as on most cars, but at an angle. Thus, a hand lying on it can easily reach any switch. Whether someone will let go of the steering wheel with their right hand to touch something at a speed of 300 km / h is a moot point. The cab is designed exclusively for the driver and passenger, who are assigned to seats with hard filling and heating. The assembly and finishing materials are, of course, top notch, but no one expected anything else from this supercar..

To summarize, the Lamborghini Aventador is definitely not a commuting car. To own this means to show everyone around your status and it’s guaranteed attention of onlookers along the way. Not everyone can afford such a "monster", but renting is an option. By the way, this can be done on our website. If you cannot find the same model, you can always choose from several similar ones.

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