Kia Optima: business-class sedan

Kia Optima: business-class sedan

The third generation of "Optima" is distinguished by an updated design, several technical improvements and significant progress in driving performance.


The brainchild of the Korean car industry has undergone a fairly strong "plastic surgery". The car has got a massive front view with a "frowning", but extremely elegant zigzag stroke of headlights, updated LED optics and a sloping hood. A large radiator with wide cells complements the weighty bumper with "cheeks" smoothly turning into the wheel arches. As for the rear view, here the Optima flaunts magnificent lanterns, connected in a long, continuous line that stretches across the trunk lid. Completing the sedan's image are trapezoidal twin exhaust pipes and an equally massive bumper. In general, the new Kia gives the impression of a luxury car, whose owners are important not only to show their status, but also to enjoy an unrivaled driving experience.


How many options of “entrails” are usually found in reviews on our blog? Most often 2, sometimes 3. Optima has stepped much further: it already has 5 engine options, each of which is worthy of attention. All of them are gasoline and four-cylinder, so we will omit this clarification in the list of options.

1) Engine capacity of 2 liters. A simple motor, which, nevertheless, produces 152 "horses" and 192 Nm of torque.

2) A slightly stronger version of the previous engine. Thanks to the technology for adjusting the valve lift, it produces a little more power, literally by a few points: 160 "horses" and 190 Newtons / meter

3) The third option has already stepped forward in performance and is a turbocharged "heart" with a capacity of 1.6 liters. Thanks to the system of constant variable valve timing, this engine already flaunts 180 horsepower, and the peak torque reaches 265 Nm.

4) The fourth option is almost on par with the third. With a capacity of 2.5 liters, this unit is ahead of its predecessor in power (here there're 194 forces), but is inferior in the available torque - 246 Nm.

5) And finally, the last but not the least variation of the engine, the most "bumped" - 2.5 liters, a turbocharger, 290 Hp and 422 (!) Newtons / meter. This device is closer to sports cars than to a business sedan.


The Optima inside, from the driver's seat to the passenger's sofa, is made in the trademark Asian austerity. No pretentiousness and pomp - leather upholstery, wood and metal elements (in the top configuration), characteristic digital dashboards. The driver can easily control almost all processes and parameters without being distracted from the steering wheel: most of the controls are on it. The center console is represented by an impressive touchscreen display, which greatly simplifies interaction and does not distract from the road. The passenger sofa is designed for 3 people, but the center seat easily folds into the armrest. In addition, the Koreans have made their own ventilation deflectors for passengers, which undoubtedly characterizes them from the best side.

How to rent Kia Optima?

АThe Asian car industry is confidently holding its positions in the world market, it is distinguished by high build quality and an indescribable driving experience. Now you can try to experience the whole gamut of emotions even without visiting a car dealership. Rent a Kia Optima or whatever car you like and see the above!

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