Infiniti Q30: Japanese premium hatchback

Infiniti Q30: Japanese premium hatchback

Q30 is the company's first compact hatchback to combine both sedan and large crossover features.


The appearance of Q30 pleases the eye with elegant and very stylish features that fit so perfectly into the image that the already oversized model seems even more nimble and agile.

A rather long «nose», decorated with an ornate radiator lattice and beautiful headlights, almost immediately passes into the massive arch of the front wheels. The taut side is formed by energetic strokes on the doors and an equally large rear-wheels arch. As for the «stern», here Infiniti has retained the overall concept. The tailgate looks unusual, a bit futuristic with pointed lights and a small edge above the glass. A twin exhaust system completes the look.


Under the long bonnet of the Q30 an in-line four-cylinder engine rests. It’s available in 5 variants, three petrol and two diesel.

Gasoline engines come in 1.6 and 2 liter configurations for 122/149 and 211 horses, respectively.

Basic versions with reduced capacity are distinguished, however, by good driving characteristics. At medium revs, they quietly give out 250 Nm of available torque, and from standstill to 100 Km / h they accelerate in 9 seconds. The turbine and the gas distribution adjustment mechanism help in this. For every 100 kilometers of travel, such engines burn 5.8 liters of gasoline, which is pretty good.

The more pumped version of 2 liters, of course, has improved performance. There are more horses — here, as already mentioned, there are 211. And the peak thrust reaches 350 Newtons/meter. This engine rotates 4 wheels at once, accelerates from place to hundred in 7.3 seconds. However, it is worth noting that such a unit also absorbs more gasoline: 6.7 liters in mixed mode. The maximum speed of a car of this configuration is slightly higher than the base one: 228 km/h against 214

Diesel four-cylinder engines have a volume of 1.5 and 2.1 liters, developing 109 and 170 powers respectively.


The interior of the Infiniti Q30 is as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. The three-spoke steering wheel is equipped with basic controls, and the on-board computer screen is hidden under a beautiful and elegant visor, which is good news: such a display is protected from direct sun and will not glare. The front panel is a symmetrical set of analog switches and is positioned vertically above the gear lever.

Interior materials are selected as carefully as possible, creating the image of a strict and solid five-door. High quality leather is used in the decoration, wooden and aluminum inserts are visible in some places.

The rear sofa is spacious and roomy, but only accommodates two passengers. The third will be uncomfortable because of the high «threshold» and the convex back of the central sector.

How to rent Infiniti Q30

You can drive a premium car by renting it. This will allow you not only to feel the car in real conditions, but also to decide whether you like this kind of transport or not. We must pay tribute to the Japanese manufacturer — Q30 is assembled in order to give comfort and pleasure not only from driving, but also from the trip in general.

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