How to prepare for a long road trip by car

How to prepare for a long road trip by car

A long drive ahead, your favorite music playing in the cabin, the glove compartment filled with snacks... Isn't that the dream of every traveler? We love long trips by car, but there is something you need to prepare in advance to avoid trouble. The GetRentacar team has created a list of basic tips to help the driver and passenger prevent possible discomfort and enjoy the trip without any distractions.

Car sticker

If you are traveling abroad, you need a special sticker with the country's marking on your car. It is better to take care of this in advance.

If possible, share your driving duties with someone else

Before starting a big journey, it is worth asking yourself: can I share my driving duties with someone else? This will help you make your trip safer, because the driver will have a chance to rest. Driving for long periods of time requires a lot of concentration and can lead to fatigue, which is fraught with the risk of an accident. Two drivers is enough to maintain a high level of concentration.

Make the necessary stops

Small stops help you stay focused and are good for your health. The British National Road Safety Authority recommends a 15-minute break every two to three hours.

Prepare the essentials

Important documents: driver's license, car insurance information. You can also keep an emergency number close to the documents.

  • Navigator: in addition to route guidance, the navigator will remind you of the speed limit and help you find good places to stop. If you're traveling far out of town, you may take a classic road atlas in case the navigator loses the network.
  • Cash: useful for quickly paying for tolls and parking.
  • First aid kit: in case of minor bumps and scratches keep the first aid kit in the cabin.
  • Flashlight: you can use your phone, but a flashlight is easier to hold if you need to look under the car. 

Collect useful little things

  • Sunglasses: the sun can be blinding while driving, causing headaches. Have sunglasses on hand at all times.
  • Toiletries: wipes, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes.
  • Drinks and snacks: bring a bottle of water to avoid dehydration during your trip. Mints and chewing gum can also help prevent dry mouth between stops. Snacks, bananas, nuts, and candy bars are great energy boosters.
  • Music and games: music is a major attribute of a road trip. You can ask each passenger to download their favorite tracks. And to brighten up the time, take some road games with you.

    Car inspection

    It's important to take the time to inspect your vehicle before you leave, especially if you're traveling in cold weather or long distances. No one wants to have to stop at an unfamiliar service station!

    Items you can check yourself: oil level, coolant, tire pressure, and headlight functionality.

    Now you're ready for an unforgettable road trip! Don't forget to have a good night's sleep before the long drive. If you need to rent a car, check the GetRentacar service. We offer cars from local owners at better prices. Use promo VALENTINA5 to get a 5% discount. You can also leave an application on the website to get the best deals from car owners. Read our article about why this option is more convenient and profitable to choose a car.

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