How to check the car before renting

How to check the car before renting

Renting out a private car is stressful for the owner. It can be understood, because a complete stranger will move on the vehicle. But the tenant risks no less: who knows what "surprises" the rented transport is fraught with.

Car rental is similar to car sharing. The only difference is that on our site you make a deal with a real person, not a company. But, as is the case with car sharing, it is better to make sure that everything is in order before starting the trip.


The first look is deceptive. A careful inspection of the body for scratches, dents and other defects will save a lot of time and nerves. We recommend capturing the time and the lack, if any, on a photo or video.

Pay special attention to those parts that may come into contact with other vehicles or any obstacles. Most often these are bumpers, side mirrors, rims and caps, doors. Make sure they're okay and go to the salon.

It is important to look into literally every corner here. A stain on the rug, a hold on the upholstery of the seats, debris in the corner of the trunk - all this can then become a reason for investigation. It is better to seem paranoid for a couple of minutes, but then not to get nervous either on the trip or after.

We check each client very carefully, so that both the owner and the tenant can be sure of the decency of each other. The measures proposed above will once again make sure that everything is in order with the car and set off towards new sensations in high spirits.

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