How much does Parking cost in different countries?

How much does Parking cost in different countries?

Already in the first half of the XX century in the United States, the issue of lack of Parking spaces was raised. At the same time, there was a joke that the second most popular conversation after conversations about the weather is a conversation about the problem of Parking.

Since then, the ratio of cars per 1000 people has grown and the concept of motorization has been introduced. The United States in the list of the most motorized countries ranks 3rd (797/1000), and Russia - 54 (309/1000). Despite the seemingly low figure, even in Russia, the system of paid Parking is being actively put into operation. This is necessary in order to relieve the traffic flow. After all, if you leave the car for money, the driver will be economically unprofitable, and they are likely to leave it at home and get there by public transport, taxi or carsharing. Also, for car owners, a good reason may be the lack of Parking space near the place of work or store.

The more cars involved in traffic, the more expensive the Parking space is.

Expensive urban land forces municipal authorities to cooperate with private companies: in different countries, multi-level Parking lots are being built to save space.

Russia, Moscow

The cost of Parking in the capital starts from 40 rubles and goes up to 380 rubles, while some of these Parking spaces may be cheaper or even free from 21: 00 to 8:00. You can pay for a Parking space on the website, in the app, via SMS, and at Parking meters.

It is worth noting that Parking is free for disabled people, motorcyclists and electric car drivers, and for residents of houses that leave their cars under the Windows - resident conditions.

USA, New York

As already mentioned, Parking in new York is a luxury. In a large, noisy city, Parking is free only after hours - from 7 PM to 7 am, you can Park safely. The most expensive Parking lot near Central Park: it can cost $ 41 per hour. There are monthly passes for municipal Parking, which often saves money for motorists.

Plus the metropolis in a large number of buildings with underground Parking. People move by taxi, there are not so many private cars in the city center.

Great Britain, London

London is considered one of the most expensive cities to live in, this also applies to Parking: an hour on the Central streets of the capital starts from 7 pounds. In some places, the maximum Parking time is 2 hours. If you break the rules, you can get an uncomfortably large fine of 100 pounds. Free Parking is allowed from 18.30 to 08:00, on holidays and weekends.

You can almost always find Parking spaces, and Londoners prefer public transport to private transport.

France, Paris

Parking in Paris for an hour costs 4 euro. In the Central areas after 2 o'clock the Parking fee increases, in remote areas after 11 o'clock it is reduced to 2.80 euro. To determine that paid Parking is now free, look carefully at the Parking meter: it must have a yellow circle pasted on it. The problem with Paris is that a city with an official population of 2.148 million people has 800,000 Parking spaces. There are underground Parking lots, time in them is not limited. If you have rented a car, it is safer to leave it in secure Parking lots, so as not to pay for careless use of the car.

The city authorities are struggling with the gas pollution of Paris, so every year they reduce the number of Parking spaces, allocate separate lanes for public transport, put additional Parking for bicycles and electric cars. In Paris, entry is prohibited for cars with a diesel engine or that were produced before 1997.

Japan, Tokyo

In Tokyo, all Parking is paid, and in rare areas cars can be left without payment in the evening and on weekends. But each public place has its own Parking. An hour of Parking will cost about 500 yen, and some time counters set limits on the maximum cost of Parking: you can't pay more than that, that is, from an hour, the car is free of charge.

Technological Tokyo introduces automated Parking: you drive the car on a special platform-an Elevator, the mechanism puts the car in one of the free cells.

China, Beijing

Urban Parking in Beijing is usually ground - level, private-underground and multi-tiered in shopping centers. Parking attendants are on duty at both of them, who will make sure that the driver places the car carefully. Parking costs from 7 to 15 yuan from 7: 00 to 21:00.

Free Parking at the entrance to the store for no longer than 15 minutes, in other places - no more than 30 minutes.

Thailand, Bangkok

Parking a car along the roadway in Bangkok is not accepted. You can Park your car in an underground Parking lot or in a space on the ground floor of buildings that are specially reserved for such cases. If you do not work in the office where you left your car, you will need to pay from 20 to 100 baht. In shopping centers, Parking is free for 3 hours, and then it can remain so if you have made a significant purchase.

In the historical parts of the city, you can't leave a car in the main: a blocker will be installed on the wheels, and you will have to walk to the police station to pay the fine, and then wait until the car is released.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

The problem of Parking is also relevant for Rio. To Park in the center, you will have to pay a minimum of $ 5 for half an hour, $ 10 for an hour, and $2 - $ 15. You can save money by purchasing a monthly subscription. The cost of reserving space starts at $195. There are also municipal Parking, which will cost less than $ 1 per hour, and it is very difficult to find a free site.

There are no terminals that accept cards in municipal Parking lots. Parking attendants take money at the entrance.

Spain, Madrid

Underground Parking in Madrid costs 3 euros per hour, which is more expensive than ground Parking, but there is no time limit. All Parking lots are marked with two colors: blue-cheaper, green-more expensive. It is forbidden to leave your car in the same zone for more than 4 hours.this is monitored by special services that will issue you a fine.

Italy, Rome

Rome is one of the most loyal cities to cars. Private Parking costs 5 euro per hour, while city Parking costs only 1 euro. Park on some streets even three times, the main thing: do not get up on the disabled seats and do not interfere with other traffic participants. The blue line on the road means that Parking is paid.

Drivers do not want to give up cars: a car is always convenient, but modern megacities can not always provide space for a large number of personal transport. In addition, exhaust gases pollute the atmosphere, against the background of the General environmental agenda, this sounds very relevant. Therefore, European countries introduce various standards for motorists to reduce the number of cars in the city, increase taxes, raise the cost of Parking and reduce the number of places.

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