How do I get fined for speeding in different countries?

How do I get fined for speeding in different countries?


Some of the highest fines are issued in Finland. The decision on how much you will pay will depend on your income. So the millionaire Jussi of Salanoa got a ticket for 170.000 €. The same system applies to Denmark and Switzerland.

Canadian citizens asked for an increase in the monetary penalty. Driving through a red light or even driving under the influence of alcohol is not punished as severely as speeding.

In the Netherlands, there are big sanctions. Once a Bugatti Veyron was seized from an offender for speeding at 72 km/h.

Both in Italy and Germany, you also do not drive much, the fines start from 400 euros and reach several thousand.

Paid locally

In the most Western country in Europe, Portugal, although fines seem workable, you are required to pay on the spot. Police officers have payment terminals.

Points system

China has a 12-point system for evaluating fines. The driver is given 12 points for a year, each violation is estimated at a certain number of points. Reckless driver, having exhausted the entire limit, is deprived of rights for 3 months. The violation itself also carries a financial penalty.

The situation is similar in the state of New York (USA). A driver who scores 18 points in a year and a half is prohibited from driving for a month. Insurance companies may raise the cost of the policy or stop the service.

Penalties for exceeding

It is difficult to get to Australia by private transport, but you can rent a car. Being too dashing a driver, everyone can get caught on security cameras, placed in cities. An unpaid fine threatens to deny you a visa the next time.

In well-developed Norway, you can go to jail for speeding. If the fine is 3,000 kronor or more, you can replace it with a prison sentence of 3 days or more.

The structure of fines processing in most countries is automated, so it is unlikely to be possible to reach an agreement. The fines are large but fair. Be careful on the roads, and then there will be no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of driving on unknown roads.

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