Honda Civic Type R: aggression and style under your control

Honda Civic Type R: aggression and style under your control

Just a year after official presentation Type R got off the assembly line and instantly conquered the audience.


Unlike most sports coupe and roadsters 5-Gen Civic incarnated in uncommon hatchback carcass, though it doesn’t make this car weaker or worse then his main rivals. The first and most interesting feature of Type R is its aggressive, provocative and massive design with bright ted badges on top of it. The picture is supplemented with the cocky rear wing and original exhaust location. All 3 pipes are right in the middle of the bumper. Add here a big trunk and quite big clearance – whole 126mm, not an ordinary sports car’s.


The bonnet shelters a 4-cylinder 2.0 VTEC Turbo engine. 16 valves and turbo system generate 320 «horses» with 6500 RPM. In more calm mode it has 400 Nm of torque. Type R is a front-wheel drive beast with six-speed gearbox on board. Despite the impressive characteristics and size, 5th Gen Civic is not much fuel-consuming. You’ll require only 7,7L of petrol for each 100Km in mixed mode. By the way it accelerates from 0 to 100 Km/h in 5,8 seconds.


As for the interior Honda Civic continues to impress us with the bucket seats and sporty steer. Panel’s big and simple, combined with featured round gearbox shift knob. No doubts this Civic is outstanding from the first moments and later on. Renting this hot-hatch is available vie our website or you can choose any similar car there.

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