Heritage Travel is a new trend for 2022

Heritage Travel is a new trend for 2022

Two years of pandemic are seemed to be finished and new unusual  types of traveling are becoming popular. One of them is heritage travel. This variation of journey may bring you closer to the roots and help you encounter the rich culture of the country. Whether it be traveling to a country of your grandparents or to a place that was a home for your ancestors, heritage travel is a deeply emotional experience that combines cultural immersion with a traveler’s own heritage. This type of travel is especially important for Americans, since so many of them are immigrants from all over the world. 

One in three Americans believes that heritage travel has an important mission. One in five Americans believe that heritage travel is an essential goal for a lifetime, though only 22 percent of Americans have actually taken a heritage trip. But we have to say that popularity is growing among the younger generation: travelers aged 18–34 years old showed the highest desire for heritage travel.

Of those who’ve taken a heritage trip, 49 percent said that they felt a deeper connection to the roots, and 25 percent reported that they learned more about themselves during their trip. 26 percent of travelers suppose that the heritage journey they had became the best trip they’ve ever taken.

Americans who are interested in their past would even go abroad to find out more about themselves. Another surprise is the high demand for domestic heritage trips. It demonstrates that Americans also want to connect with a more modern heritage.

29 percent are ready to meet with a genealogist to find out more information. Cultural experiences and sightseeing would be the main goals for 45 percent of travelers, while 43 percent would spend the most time reconnecting with extended family.

Some destinations are already beginning to promote themselves as heritage travel destinations. Germany, for instance, knows that an estimated 40 million Americans consider themselves of German descent, and it’s created a microsite just for people to learn about the country’s heritage travel, including genealogical resources and more.

Travel advisors should be aware that more travelers might come to them for advice on heritage travel this year and what to expect from heritage travelers.

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