Going to the places of Hemingway in Havana

Going to the places of Hemingway in Havana

Cuba is already open to tourists. If you are going to visit this free country, then by all means rent a car and go to the places where Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote his stories.

The writer lived in Cuba for the last 20 years of his life. It was here that he wrote the world-famous story "The Old Man and the Sea". Being an American, he felt like a Cuban: the image and rhythm of life on the island appealed to the writer and inspired him to create.

To see Havana as Hemingway saw it, follow the route that we have drawn up for you.

Hotel Ambos Mundos is the first place in Cuba where the writer periodically lived. From 1928 to 1939 Hemingway always stayed in the same room 511. Despite the fact that the hotel is operating in normal mode, it is possible to visit this room. It was here that the future Nobel laureate wrote "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

El Floridita restaurant and bar is one of Hemingway's favorite establishments. Here, as in the life of the writer, this place has his favorite cocktail Daiquiri. The owners set up a bronze sculpture behind the bar, waiting to be ordered. Over a drink, Hemingway could listen to people's stories, and then, inspired, write.

La Bodeguita del Medio restaurant serves Creole cuisine. You can try them now, and leave a couple of lines on the wall. This tradition was introduced by Hemingway himself.

The Rum Museum. If you have rented a car, you don't have to try rum, but it is a great idea to take a bottle of the iconic local drink for yourself or as a gift.

Finca Vigia, the house that has become home for Hemingway. The estate is located outside the city, so it is better to take a car. On the territory of the Villa you can walk through the well-kept garden and visit the cemetery of Pets, which during the life of the writer was about 100 (!!!). The house is still home to amazing six-toed cats, and there is a feeling that the owners will soon return to feed them.

Cojimar is the village by the sea. Hemingway himself often went fishing from here. Here he met the prototype of the hero from the story "The Old Man and the Sea", for which he received the Nobel prize. In the center of the village is a bust of the famous Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway Marina (26.5 km) is a small port, also named after the writer. From here you can go fishing or go out to sea on a boat or yacht.

Cuba is a place where time has stopped: old cars drive on the roads, houses have not changed appearance since the mid-50s. It is very easy to imagine that you were here at the same time as Hemingway. Rent a car for 1-2 days and visit all locations. You will definitely like it here.

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