Ford Kuga: restyling went good

Ford Kuga: restyling went good

Ford Kuga crossover was developed by the company's European division, that’s why it is so popular in the “Old world” countries. The compact all-terrain vehicle has seen two incarnations and one restyling, which we will consider today.


Ford Kuga after restyling looks prettier. The 2017 model has become noticeably more aggressive and brutal. It borrowed all the recognizable features of the older prototype and brought them, if not to perfection, then to a very impressive level.

The main changes affected the front of the car. The eye immediately catches a massive hexagonal radiator grille, which replaced the narrow strip of its predecessor. At the same time, the air intakes have become slightly smaller, which makes them look organic, stylish and “compact”.

In addition to the radiator, Kuga got new headlights with led edging. Its gaze became more intense and menacing, as if throwing a dozen or two to the conditional age of this car. If the old version of the second generation looks childish, the restyled version looks proud in an adult way.

Otherwise, the car has not changed much: the same sloping roof with upturned rear windows, the same sidewalls, except that the wheel arches received a more expressive body kit and became more massive. The back of the head is decorated with led lights and paired exhaust pipes.


Several engine options may be hidden under the hood of the SUV. In the Russian market, all options are petrol, while Europe boasts a diesel alternative.

If you decide to rent Ford Kuga in Russia, you can find the following options for power plants:

  1. 2.5-liter petrol engine. 4 cylinders and 150 Hp are supplemented by 230 Nm of torque in peak measurements.
  2. 1.6-liter engine. Also petrol, but with turbocharging and two variations of boost: 150 and 182 HP. The available torque is the same for both variants and reaches 240 Nm, which is slightly higher than the first model.

In Europe, the characteristics are quite different (not counting the presence of diesel engines):

  1. EcoBoost petrol four-cylinder engine with a range of forces from 120 to 182 “horses" and 240 Nm of thrust.
  2. Diesel options include a 1.5-liter unit with 120 Hp and 270 Nm of thrust on board, as well as a more advanced two-liter, developing up to 180 HP and up to 400 Nm. It looks quite confident against the background of gasoline alternatives.

The average acceleration of Ford Kuga is 10 seconds to the first three-digit number, and consumption varies from 7 to 10 liters per 100 kilometers, depending on the type of fuel and configuration.

Interior and trim

The restyled version of the SUV was transformed not only from the outside, but also from the inside. The dashboard and driver's seat look stylish, massive and reliable. The bold relief steering wheel traditionally includes all the necessary switches. The onboard computer stands proudly above the console and looks like a monitor of a futuristic ship. Separately, I want to highlight the gearshift lever, trimmed with leather in a kind of casing.

As for comfort, Ford keeps the bar here. The front seats, although far from sports, still have a fairly comfortable geometry and side support. The SUV can accommodate three adult passengers in the back, but the center one may be uncomfortable because of the high floor tunnel. In general, the seat filling is moderately hard, so even on a long trip fatigue will not overtake immediately.

Ford Kuga Rental

The SUV is very popular in the European part of the continent, so here you can find many options for configuration, engine and even color. You can select the necessary parameters using the search engine on our website. It remains only to register, rent a car and go on business or meet new sensations.

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