First car trip: how to prepare yourself

First car trip: how to prepare yourself

The very first vacation you are going to take not with a plane or a train, but with a car is always exciting. But we can understand if you are worried about the trip: that’s why we’ve prepared some useful tips for you. You might also want to check them if you are an experienced car traveler. We bet you will like them too!

Let’s go!

1. Plan your trip

Depending on the country you choose for the trip, you need to choose the direction of travel and all the stopping points. You might use any suitable app for this, like Google Maps. Pay attention to locations of gas and patrol stations, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Also, if you want to stay away from busy autobahns, try to find bypass roads. Traveling through them is a great way to see landmarks normally hidden from tourists.

2. Choose a car

Rent a car according to the route and the number of travelers. Our service will help you to choose a car based on your requirements and will send a personalised offer where all queries will be considered. If you are planning to change the driver at any time, make sure the car is suitable for all of you.

We offer economical-class cars, minivans, sports-cars, off-roaders and many more, so there will be something for every journey. Each category has many different brands and models and you can pick ones that suit you the best.

3. Taking everything needed to the car

Before departure make sure you have everything you are going to need:

  • first aid kit;
  • documents;
  • phones’ and other gadgets’ chargers;
  • drinking water and snacks;
  • additional tank (if allowed by a law of a country you are going to).

Remember that a trip should be comfortable for everyone in the car: take a couple of blankets and travelling pillows. You might also prepare a music playlist or a set of audiobooks or podcasts.

4. Prepare to the trip

Before this kind of active vacation it is better if you have a few relaxed days. Don’t go to the car trip being overtired by work and not having enough sleep: it simply might be dangerous. So take a day or two off work, get enough sleep, give your eyes some rest. Also you might try breathing relaxation exercises or meditation. It might help to concentrate on the trip, take nervous tension away and pay more attention to the road while driving.

5. Brush up on Highway Code

We have no doubts that you are well aware of all the traffic laws and would never break them, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a quick look and refresh your knowledge. Especially if you are going to a different country: it is always better to explore the nature of local traffic laws, local rules and experienced travelers blogs. This knowledge will be useful even if you are using a sat nav with speed limit and other useful prompts.

Have a safe journey!

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