Exploring the Czech Republic by car: road trip through the homeland of knedlikys and trdelniks

Exploring the Czech Republic by car: road trip through the homeland of knedlikys and trdelniks

The Czech Republic is one of the coziest European countries, which is totally worth at least one visit. No matter if you are looking for a cultural or gastronomical experience, healthy vacation or just a great sightseeing — it is a place for all of this and much more. To explore the country properly and get the best memories, we highly recommend going there by car. That way you will be able to travel through places which are definitely worth seeing.

So, let’s go!

First day: Prague

We recommend starting your Czech vacation with the most famous city in the country, the capital — Prague. The number of attractions in the city is high, so you definitely won’t be bored. Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, Old Town and other main locations attract tourists from all over around the world.

If you get tired at some point, just make a stop in any city restaurant to try some traditional Czech food or take away something on the market square.

Second day: Krivoklat forests

From Prague you can drive to the Krivoklat forests. It’s a biosphere national park which is located just in 30 kilometres from the city. Here you can walk through woods, go boating and visit one of a few Middle Ages castles and get lots of fresh air.

Third day: Pilsen

After getting some rest outside the city let’s get back in the car and drive to Pilsen — the center of Czech brewing. You can visit a brewery and see how local beer is producted and of course you can try the best Czech Pilsner.

However, beer is not the only good thing you can get there. The tallest cathedral in Czech, a large zoo, Pilsen’s dungeons and a beautiful town hall are also located there.

Of course drinking and driving isn’t the best combination, so we're gonna stay in the city for a night and continue the trip in the morning.

Fourth and fifth days: Karlovy Vary

So today we are driving from Pilsen to Karlovy Vary. It's a historical place which is also suited perfectly for healthy recreation. This resort town is famous not only for its mineral springs but also for monuments of architectural significance, glass and porcelain factories and for the Symphony Orchestra — the oldest in the Czech Republic.

Of course, let’s not forget the Becherovka also was invented here! You might consider staying in Karlovy Vary for at least two days because there is no better way to relax than a lazy walk, a proper spa and great food.

Sixth day: Prague

Let’s finish our trip in the same spot we started — in Prague. You can check out some touristic places you haven’t visited on the first day, buy some presents and souvenirs for friends and family, try a traditional Czech dinner and take a walk along the banks of the Vltava River.

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