Eighth Hyundai Sonata sold out worldwide

Eighth Hyundai Sonata sold out worldwide

Popular four-door sedan has undergone a significant transformation over its predecessor generation.


Sonata is positioned as a business sedan and looks very worthy for such a characteristic. The model managed not only to preserve the severity of the outlines, but also organically weave some clearly sporting features into its image.

At first glance, the beautiful contours of the headlights are clearly visible, smoothly turning into the decor of the hood and side windows. The sloping bonnet ends with a hexagonal grille and a raised bumper.

From the side, Sonata looks average. A squat silhouette, boring doors, standard wheel arches and a smooth rear roof slope. But the tailgate is beyond praise. Korean designers did a great job on the geometry of the stern, giving it an expressive outline, and added stunning lanterns connected in one line.

Under the hood

6 different engines drive the front wheels of Sonata, depending on the country of sale. The lineup is represented mainly by gasoline engines, but there is also one gas engine.

  1. The base 2-liter gasoline engine is equipped with 16 timing valves. Its peak performance: 150 horses closer to the red sector of the tachometer and 192 Nm of torque at medium revs.
  2. The reinforced version holds half a liter more gasoline and produces 180 hp and up to 232 Nm of thrust.
  3. The third and fourth options can be combined into one item: with a volume of 2 liters, they differ in the type of fuel, gasoline or gas, and produce 160 and 146 «mares», respectively.
  4. The European and American markets are also represented by a turbocharged gasoline engine with 1.6 liters and 180 hp on board.
  5. The last option is the most productive: 2.5 liters of capacity, direct fuel injection and a whopping 190 hp.

Of course, such characteristics are far from the previously described sports cars, but Sonata does not include itself among them. It is designed for a comfortable ride with maximum confidence and road control. To the first hundred, the car accelerates slowly — in 10 seconds on average, and the maximum speed fluctuates around 210 km / h. The sedan consumes up to 7.7 liters in mixed mode, depending on the engine type.


The Korean manufacturer has decided not to use controversial design elements in the interior. Everything here is designed in the same style, pleasing to the eyes and comfortable in sensations. The steering wheel is four-spoke, equipped with all basic controllers. The central panel is represented by a large touchscreen and an unconventionally rotated audio system with climate controls.

The cabin has enough space for 4 passengers. All are provided with comfortable seating, so that even long-distance travel does not cause excessive discomfort and fatigue.

Rent Hyundai Sonata

The eighth generation of the business sedan is not yet as widespread due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. However, these cars can already be found on the streets of cities, which means that it's time to rent them and go on a road trip. There is a wide selection of Hyundai on our site, so even if you are unable to rent this particular version, you can always choose from a variety of alternatives.

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