Dodge Viper: the 5th generation of the American supercar

Dodge Viper: the 5th generation of the American supercar

The premiere of the fifth Viper took place as early as 2012, but in 2014 engineers presented an improved version with several color variations, a slightly enhanced engine and an advanced interior.


The Dodge Viper has carried its unique and recognizable look through generations. The massive front of the car protrudes far ahead, sporting curly headlights that resemble snake eyes, and a large grille on the bumper. The top of the hood is decorated with 6 symmetrical air intakes with an advanced aerodynamics system.

The cab is pushed back, and on its roof there are “humps” on its roof, which not only do not spoil the appearance of the car, but give it a unique charm and additional downforce.

Surprisingly modest looks “chopped” trunk with a slightly upturned wing and elegant lights. Although we don't expect anything else from supercars. A roomy “hold” is simply not necessary here, yet you will not go to a picnic in this. What is really worth noting is the unique location of the exhaust system. The pipes are not located at the back, as in the vast majority of other cars of any price category, but symmetrically on the sides.

Power plant

Under the hood of the “American” a ten-cylinder V-shaped “monster " with a volume of 8.4 liters is stored. Made of aluminum, it is equipped with a sequential fuel injection system. With its characteristics, the engine fully justifies the status of a supercar: 654 horsepower at maximum rpm and 814 Nm of peak torque.

Of course, such a total volume of cylinders and driving qualities do not pass without a trace for fuel. For every 100 kilometers of highway, Viper burns almost 12 liters of high-octane gasoline. The maximum speed of the car rests on 330 kilometers per hour, and from a place to a hundred it starts in a little over 3 seconds, get ready for overloads!


The fifth-generation Dodge Viper finally brought the interior to mind. Now it fully corresponds to the rank of this car and is made of premium materials. In the cabin there are two bucket seats with pronounced side support. The three-spoke multi-steering wheel is slightly flattened at the bottom, and a digital dashboard is located directly behind it.

We should also mention the massive transmission tunnel, which can serve as an armrest for the passenger, because the driver is unlikely to have to relax one hand while driving such a car. The center console is located exactly in the center and slightly at an angle, being an organic continuation of the tunnel.


Getting a Dodge Viper is not cheap, but it is much easier to rent a car and spend a few unforgettable days behind the wheel of this powerful supercar. Don't forget to collect the enthusiastic glances of pedestrians and other road users and feel the beating of the iron heart under the hood. It is very simple to do this: just register on our website, attach the necessary documents and go to the selection of the desired car!

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