Custom Mercedes-AMG G63 from PerformMaster

Custom Mercedes-AMG G63 from PerformMaster

PerformMaster has customised the Mercedes-AMG G63, a new stylish project proudly standing in the line-up alongside reimagined SUVs from Brabus, Hofele and Mansory.

When you look at the Mercedes G-Class models, you immediately feel confident about the future of the car industry industry. Powerful, impressive and solid Gelendvagen has ideal dynamics and off-road capabilities.

800+ horsepower under the hood, carbon body kit with arch extenders, front apron with trim, additional led lights and air intakes - this is the minimum package that PerformMaster filled the classic G63 with. In the extended package, an aggressively sporty look is given by a carbon trim on the hood, a carbon roof spoiler and a carbon rear spoiler.

The updated exterior is even more in line with the 4-liter biturbo engine V8. Mercedes-AMG G63 received 805 HP and develops a maximum torque of 1.020 Nm with the updated tuned REС -module and wiring made by Bosch. The classic G63 accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, and the new model from PerformMaster - in 3.9 seconds. It is important that PerformMaster provides a guarantee for all upgrades, so that the future owner can fully enjoy driving.

If you want to ride the classic G63, then feel free to go to our website. You can rent models of 2017 and 2019 at the best price on our service, for example, in Dubai. To view available models, click here.

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