Cape Town Tourism goes virtual to attract more tourists

Cape Town Tourism goes virtual to attract more tourists

As a myriad of countries are embracing the opportunity of reopening the borders for fully vaccinated travelers and many of them are even dropping covid restrictions in an attempt to recover their economies by the means of tourism, Cape Town is taking a step even further. In a bid to attract more tourists, Cape Town Tourism is launching a virtual travel experience. 

Find Your Freedom campaign is an interactive virtual game that allows people to immerse in unique choice-driven video experience. This digital journey starts with choosing your guide. It depends on whom do you identify with, is it a Fearless Foodie, Nature Warrior, or Urban Adventurer. Then you pick your adventure, that will show you the best Cape Town City can offer.

Enver Duminy, CEO of Cape Town Tourism, says, “Find Your Freedom uses the latest digital technology to immerse viewers in unique Cape Town choice-driven video experiences. You choose your guide. You choose your adventure. It’s an interactive journey from start to finish.” 

In order to recover the tourism industry, Duminy siad, they are aiming at drawing the attention of millennials to Cape Town through this engaging and immersive travel experience the Find Your Freedom is offering. 

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