Cadillac Escalade: luxury brand first full-size SUV

Cadillac Escalade: luxury brand first full-size SUV

Escalade is one of the most recognizable models of the elite brand, produced since 1999. The 4th generation of the SUV was released in the mid-2010s.


This Cadillac is notable for its gigantic dimensions. It is much larger than the average car, most of all due its a specific target audience. The main buyers are middle-aged men with a large family and high income. This is not surprising: the cost and maintaining expenses of such a car go far beyond the average budget.

Escalade of the 4th generation outwardly resembles its predecessor and retains all the distinctive features, although its image has become more angular. The latest version received pointed running lights, a huge radiator grille, an abundance of chrome parts. It all looks powerful, menacing, and incredibly expensive. The huge five-meter body does not chase the sloping sedans and the «predatory» contours of the sports coupe. The tall, almost rectangular body lines are complemented by high clearance, vertical rear lights and surprisingly modest bumpers that are lost against the overall dimensions of the SUV.

Even the wheel arches of this whopper are not arched, like in the vast majority of cars, but formed in rounded squares. In short, everything in its appearance emphasizes the brutality of this formidable «American».


The radical changes have affected not only the appearance. Compared to its predecessor, the 4th Escalade has also advanced in terms of the chassis. A powerful 6.2-liter V8 engine is waiting in the wings under the hood.

The motor is powerful enough to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.7 seconds. And this is taking into account not the most advanced aerodynamics and certainly not a lightweight body. What is encouraging, the engineers have equipped the heart of the car with Adaptive Fuel Management. Thanks to it, at low loads, 4 out of 8 cylinders remain inactive, which is quite justified, because it is not so often possible to press the pedal to the floor in order to feel all the capabilities of an SUV.

The gluttony of the power plant hovers around 12.5 liters. In the city, this number rises to 17.1, and on the highway, accordingly, decreases to 9.9. But eight cylinders easily squeeze 426 «horses» at the peak, and the limit of available torque stops at 621 Nm at medium revs. The maximum speed of the giant is not great, only 180 km / h, but it is understandable: after all, this is a family car.


The «entrails» of Escalade match its outer shell: luxurious, expensive, gorgeous. Sitting behind the wheel, you feel if not royal blood, then at least a duke for sure.

The interior of the SUV is made of expensive leather, the seats are equipped with a multi-stage adjustment and heating system. The driver can control the main parameters using the multi-steering wheel. The dashboard is a graphic display with 4 display options. The creators have not forgotten about the multimedia panel, which is located between the front ventilation gates.

The location of the gear lever will be unusual. Here it is directly behind the wheel on the right side in the manner of old American pickup trucks. This allows the driver and front passenger's armrests to be completely free.

It is worth noting that the dimensions of the Escalade are not a designer whim, but a completely justified decision. Unlike most cars, there is not one row of rear seats, but two, separating a roomy trunk. Such a car is ideal both for family trips with children, and for transporting a large amount of luggage when traveling as a double or alone.

Rent Cadillac Escalade

The market value of an SUV is biting. It is quite difficult to get one for personal use, so we have an excellent solution to the problem. Rent it and be convinced of the unique driving performance, comfort and premium quality of this car. Escalade is a brand that will make you feel like the king of the roads from the first minutes of driving. Isn't that what you wanted? :)

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