BMW revealed 100% recyclable car Circular

BMW revealed 100% recyclable car Circular

In a Munich Motor Show, BMW presented a brand new car that is made of recycling materials  even a battery pack. This four-seat compact electric car focused on sustainability and luxury is a part of BMW's vision of reducing plastic applying and using recycled material.


The Circular design is absolutely futuristic, nevertheless, it has unique features inherent to BMW style. The brand's signature grilles with the headlights embedded within the grille fixtures at each corner, and particular light accents in the grille.

The windshield and roof are made of a single piece of glass. The wheels match the front lights and grille design, the tires are made with a light blue tint and it';s composed of sustainably cultivated natural rubber. The rear part has a similar style with a LED light bar and the trim pieces along the bottom are made of recycled plastic with a marble print.

"With the BMW Circular, we have set ourselves the challenge of creating a 100% recyclable car, and at the same time response  and in some aspects exceed  our customers' self-evident expectations when it comes to comfort and luxury,"  says Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design.


The interior features a pastel-colored theme: floor and door panels in light mint green, the seats in light violet. BMW uses a gold-bronze to make the indoor accents. By the way, it's the same gold-bronze as the car's body.

The interior design uses a mix of unique materials that BMW calls "new joining techniques." For example, the 3D printing on the dashboard reduces plastic and glue and creates a special design with embedded crystal materials. Another feature — necessary information is located at the bottom of the windshield instead of a classic touchscreen on the dashboard.

The four number of seats is also a new solution. It is made of recycled fabric and each of the seats has a "dedicated sound zone". It allows one passenger to listen to Adele's song while the second passenger listens to Iron Maiden. The wheel is 3D-printed with a special wood powder and has two touchpads.

BMW reminds us that Circular is a concept and the company isn’t going to produce this model in the near future. However, designers take Circular as a target and they will use some unique solutions on its future models. BMW says that the Circular will help to increase the amount of recycled and reused material in each of their future vehicles and this concept will guide them towards 100%-recyclable car production.

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