BMW bought the tuning company Alpina

BMW bought the tuning company Alpina

BMW has been working with Alpina for 60 years and has finally decided to take it under its wing. In 2025, BMW will bring the Alpina to the domestic market.

The partnership between the two companies began in 1964. At this time, BMW applied for a factory warranty using upgraded Alpina components. Until now, Alpina was an autonomous company.

Now BMW has acquired the status of full owner of Alpina and intends to bring even more diversity to its production. BMW is in a combative mood and intends to fill its showrooms with Alpina models.

The official term of the partnership agreement will last until December 31, 2025. Throughout the partnership, Alpina will continue to produce its models at the usual rhythm, modifying BMW cars to suit its taste.

Of course, the connection of Alpina to BMW will have an impact on the jobs of the employees at the Buchloe plant. For this reason, BMW has vouched to take all remaining employees into the BMW Group, supplier company or a development partner by the end of 2025.

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