Bicycles for travels

Bicycles for travels

Do you remember that you can rent a bike on our service? Any type and anywhere in the world. We tell you what types of bicycles are ideal for traveling:


Imagine, as you slowly go along the embankment of the Seine or along the narrow streets of Rome. Citibike is ideal for trips around the city. The high fit relieves your hands and allows you to sit straight, without tension. The city bike has big wheels, and you can brake with pedals. Another absolute plus — very often citibikes are equipped with trunks (baskets), where you can put a backpack, bag or a bouquet of flowers. By the way, citibikes also have many types: for example, a cruiser and a road bike.

Road bike

You can hardly join Tour de France on a cruiser. Touring (road) bikes are designed for such trips. For fast driving, the wheels of this type are usually narrow and large, and the steering wheel is usually in the form of “ram's horns".

Mountain bike

If you are a fan of country and off-road trips, then you will definitely fit MTB (mountain bike). On a mountain bike, you can easily ride off-road (if, of course, the road does not consist of solid bumps). The brakes and speed switch are located on the steering wheel, in general, it will be convenient to move around the city on the MTB: you can easily cross curbs and go down stairs.


You can also travel on a tourist bike, a hybrid of road and mountain types. Light, able to cross off-road it is also designed to carry luggage (basket can be installed additionally). Tourist bikes are considered a rarity, most often they are collected by enthusiasts.

Folding bike

A folding bike is ideal if you are visiting a megalopolis. You can easily fold it up and take it with you on the subway to quickly get to the other end of the city.

On the service you can quickly find a bike for rent. Just leave a request and we will select the best options for you.

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