Best beaches in the USA

Best beaches in the USA

Beaches in the USA aren't a common reason to visit this country. You've probably heard about Hawaii and Florida but there are plenty of beaches that fascinate with their beauty. We decided to explore the best coasts from tropical paradises to wild and relaxed shores.

Hapuna Beach State Park

Hapuna Beach is located in Hawaii. Warm breezes rifle through lone palms and patches of sea oats. Shorebirds call above crystal waters. The soft white sand on Hapuna beach beckons you to sink in, to rest awhile. Obviously, Hapuna wouldn't be on the list of "Cheap beaches to travel in the USA" because of its remote location but there's no doubt: it is worth visiting.

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is loved by surfers because of its fine waves. Comfortable and well-known for shelling and great waves, it's not a surprise to see dozens of visitors with boards waiting for a perfect wave. A special feature - an old lighthouse. It stood for well over a century and provided an easy beacon to the wide Old Lighthouse Beach.

Caladesi Island State Park

White sugar soft sands await you on this coast which probably is the best Florida beach. The lack of rain, availability of shade, and professional lifeguard on duty year-round further cement our love for this coast. Here you can find a dozen of activities - not only sea swimming but also boating, hiking, paddling, fishing, and picnicking.

Kiawah Beachwalker Park

Located on the west end of Kiawah Island, Kiawah Beachwalker Park offers ocean frontage and a fine view, along with the only public beach access on beautiful Kiawah Island. Beachwalker Park has all you need for a pleasant day at the beach: shop with snacks and drinks, lifeguards, and a boardwalk entrance to the sand. The calm atmosphere and gentle waves make it perfect for families with children.

Coronado Beach

Coast Guard Beach is a main beach during the swimming season in San Diego. Coronado is the quintessential of beauty, parties and rest. Also it's a fine place for a romantic picnic or a family beach weekend. The long sandy shores here are special and literally sparkle, thanks to the mineral mica in its golden sand.

Biloxi Beach

Plentiful water and beach activities attract travelers from around the world and the Mississippi Gulf Coast's most popular casinos tempt most visitors. The barrier islands in the bay keep the water at the beach calm and warm for swimming, and the weather in Biloxi is perfect for beachgoers in the summer and also for much of the year.

Coopers Beach

Coopers Beach is a pearl of the New York coast. Nature enthusiasts and beach fans will find traditional seaside activities such as fishing, sailing, and walks to the Blackwater Estuary to watch the migrating birds on offer. You'll find plenty of fantastic attractions nearby.

Wrightsville Beach

This beach is located in North Carolina and is surrounded by the endless sea. Wrightsville Beach offers water sports like surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and kiteboarding. Rent a rod and drop a line off Johnnie Mercers Fishing Pier. Meanwhile, beach bars and live music take the joyfulness from daytime into the night.

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach is an iconic destination that welcomes visitors from all around the world. This Pacific coast is a prime spot for all the common beach activities: sunbathing, swimming, surfing, volleyball, and watching sunsets. But it's the Santa Monica Pier, which features an iconic amusement park complete with a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, games, and a selection of carnival food, that sets it apart from the rest.

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