Beaches of South Cyprus by car

Beaches of South Cyprus by car

The beaches of Cyprus are full of golden sand, a blue sea, and endless hours of pleasant relaxation. The coast of the island is dotted with a variety of beaches, among which you can find the one that suits your taste - within a bright city or secluded behind the palm trees, with sand or pebbles, with strong waves or calm. GetRentacar has prepared a route along the best beaches in Cyprus so you can see all the different places of this wonderful island in one trip. Don't forget your swimsuit, and let's hit the road!The best way to get around the island is by car. Cyprus is known for its unhurried, relaxed atmosphere, and there's no need to be in a rush for the bus. Especially if you plan to swim and relax, you need enough space to keep all the clothes and snacks. So the car is a great option for travel! The best service for car rental is GetRentacar. We offer cars from local owners, and therefore have the best prices. In addition, you can get a discount by using a special promo VALENTINA5. Finding a suitable car is easy: go to the GetRentacar website, choose the location and dates, and then select the car you like. 

Points of the route

Dikelia - Makronisos - Landa and Adams - Nissi Beach - Konnos - Fig Tree Bay

Starting point: Larnaca

Our journey along the beaches of southern Cyprus begins in the city of Larnaca. It is a big tourist city, where everyone can find something to do. Here you can also buy fruit and snacks for the long journey. Inside Larnaca, there are many beaches with clear water, sandy shore and a gentle descent into the water, which is great for parents with children.


This beach is also located in Larnaca, although it is a little far away. Dekelia is several beaches with one common name, and tourists rarely come here, so this place can be called quite secluded. The infrastructure is unevenly developed, which isn’t great for demanding tourists..


Makronissos is our next stop. It consists of two parts, separated by a small peninsula. Access to the peninsula is closed because of the  historical elements buried there. The beach has the "Blue Flag" award, which means that the water has high quality standards and is suitable for safe swimming.

Landa and Adams

These beaches are within walking distance of Makronisos or a short drive. Moreover, the walk is very easy, and we can stretch our legs. These two beaches are quite wild, but very beautiful. They are clean, cozy, quiet, and comfortable. Beautiful beaches to spend an hour or two on!

Nissi Beach

This fantastic beach is different from all the previous ones, with bright turquoise water and good tourist infrastructure. All the cafes and other delights of beach life are available almost all year round thanks to the nearby five-star hotels. Another interesting feature of the beach is a small island a hundred meters from the shore. You can literally walk to it on a sandy spit connected to the shore.


Konnos Beach is the opposite of Nissi Beach, because most tourists simply do not come here, which allows Konnos to maintain its status as a "secret place". On the far side of the beach, there are cyclopean caves and a textured rock, which is great for photo shoots. By the way, great photos are obtained on the approach to the beach before the serpentine descent. Just stop on the highway before you turn onto the descent, and you will get a beautiful panorama of the sea bay.

Fig Tree Bay Beach

This beach is located in Fig Tree Bay and makes an exceptionally pleasant impression. Because the beach is within the city limits, it has all the necessary elements of "civilization" that will allow you to relax without the distraction of thinking "Where to eat lunch?" Here you will find an abundance of restaurants, taverns, stores, and if you want, you can book a hotel room and stay here for another day. The beach itself is very clean and comfortable, it's a pleasure to relax here.

Our journey to the beaches of southern Cyprus is over! Note that between the locations noted in the article, there are many smaller beaches on which we did not focus your attention. Maybe you will find your favorite among them all. And for a comfortable trip, rent a car from the service GetRentacar.

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