Autonews from 24 to 28 August

Autonews from 24 to 28 August

The latest news from the world of cars.

Car of the Year contenders known

The organizers of the World Car Awards have announced the complete list, which includes 24 cars. A third of all brands are represented by European manufacturers, 6 more contestants will come from Korea, 7 from Japan. America will present its only nominee.

The competition will take place in 2021. A jury of 90 automotive journalists will reveal the winner on March 31st.

The crashed Duster was converted into a cabriolet

The Romanian company AutoK9 spent 30 thousand euros to restore the car after the accident. After 4 months of work, the mechanics presented a model that had changed beyond recognition.

The Duster lost its roof and rear doors, received reinforced discs and a protective bar just behind the rear seats. The interior was also modernized: they changed the upholstery, added decor, and also replaced the center console with a huge screen.

James Bond car stolen in UK

The legendary Aston Martin DB5 went missing on July 18 in Wilmslow. This model can be called the most recognizable bondmobile. Its value lies in the fact that only 123 copies of such cars were produced.

The investigation noted that the DB5 is considered “part of British history and a national treasure,” and is offering £ 1,000 to anyone who can provide any information on the location of the legendary car.

Tesla car broke the speed record twice

The Bonneville Salt Lake in the United States is a place of constant high-speed races. This time, the Electraliner racing car set a record in its class twice a day.

The rules measure the average speed of a vehicle over a 1 mile stretch, not the peak speed of a speedometer. Nevertheless, the driver-racer Jim Hoogerhide was able to squeeze out first 351 km / h, and after a second run - 369 km / h.

The technical parameters of the car are classified, it is only known that the car is produced on the basis of the Tesla engine.

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