7 most beautiful roads

7 most beautiful roads

Summer has not been canceled, so while we are sitting at home and mentally set up for future travel. Do you know where to go after the pandemic in a car with a 100% filled tank?

We have prepared for you the top 7 scenic roads for road trips:

1. Transfegerashskoe highway (Romania)

A scenic road in the Romanian Carpathians leads from Transylvania to Wallachia. But behind this beauty, there is a danger for drivers-it is better not to look too closely at the sides, since there are sharp ascents and sharp turns on the road. The transfagarasan road is opened only for 2 months in July and August, and in the daytime.

2. Seven mile bridge (USA)

A seven-Mile bridge leads to the Florida Keys archipelago from the mainland. This is as much as 205 kilometers of road hovering over the ocean. When you drive over the bridge, it seems that on the horizon, the sky and the water surface merge together. But you shouldn't drive a car, either.

3. Golian Tunnel (China)

The most unusual road in China is located in Henan province. The Golian tunnel is cut in the taihangshan mountains, its length reaches 1500 meters. The most unusual thing is that the tunnel has openings for natural light. It turns out that the road runs along the edge of a steep cliff. This trip will be epic and dangerous at the same time!

4. Dades Gorge (Morocco)

Today it is the most beautiful road in Morocco. Thousands of years ago, the dades river washed the gorge during winter floods. The winding highway runs between the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas mountain systems. Especially here you will not be able to accelerate, as the route conceals a lot of turns, stone ledges and ascents.

5. The Atlantic road (Norway)

The road was created exclusively for tourists. The Atlantic highway is 8 kilometers long and consists of 7 bridges of unusual shape. The strip then soars up, rushing into the sky, then passes into the territory of the Islands. You can drive along the highway slowly, enjoying the fresh air and views outside the car window. By the way, along the way, tourists also made several viewing platforms.

6. The Trail Of The Trolls (Norway)

Like the Transfagarasan highway? But this is Norway again. Another dangerous and beautiful road is the path (stairs) Trolley. The 106-kilometer serpentine has both elevation differences and road narrows to 3 meters. The road is opened only in the warm season, when there is no snow in the mountains. You can appreciate the scale and beauty of this amazing place from the highest point of the road, which is located at 850 meters above sea level.

7. Chuysky tract (Altai, Russia)

In Russia, there are many picturesque roads for road trips, but let's turn to the Altai. In spring and summer — this is the best place to travel by car. The M-52 road leads from Biysk to Gorny Altai. According to some historians, the Northern route of the Great silk road once ran here.

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