7 Golden rules for car travel

7 Golden rules for car travel

We have already told you how to prepare for a road trip: what to put in the trunk, how to tune in to the road and other life hacks. Today we will talk about another 7 life hacks, which will be quite as useful for traveling.

Get a pen and a notebook and write down the following:

1. Be always in touch

Imagine: only you and your friends know the route. In case of emergency, no one will know where you are. Use your smartphone to share your location with your friends . Let your friends track your movements, that way they will be able to help.

2. Install Mapse.me and take a paper map

The network coverage can disappear at any time, so install offline maps on your smartphone and buy a real map. Imagine this: you make a stop, unfold the map and look for the right direction. That's part of a road trip romance.

3. Take the car to the car wash

It's much nicer to drive in a clean car. It is important to dust the interior: with the Windows open, a lot of road dirt can get inside the car. 

4. Take a spare car key

No matter how organized you may be, there are always unpredictable situations. For example, the car door slammed shut, and the keys remained on the seat of the car. Be prepared for any situation.

5. Remember to sometimes leave the "beaten paths"

It would seem that this point contradicts rule No. 1- "To be always in touch". But the common roads are not always interesting to travel. If you see an interesting sight in the distance or a sign on the road leading to it, be sure to use the chance to learn or discover something new for yourself. There is a website Roadtrippers created especially for road trips in the USA, you can find the most unusual places listed there; Via Michelin is the same for Europe.

6. Do not violate traffic rules

Don't even break the speed limit. If there are no patrolmen around, there is a risk of getting caught on a traffic camera. It will be unpleasant to get a fine after a road trip. Some countries have apps where you can see all the cameras along a given route.

7. Save on fuel

Get bonus cards from the gas station. Many loyalty programs have cashback or other bonuses you can use when refueling.

And what travelling rules do you have?

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