6 things to know before you travel

6 things to know before you travel

Summer is coming to an end, but it's time for the velvet season. This means that people are still going on vacation. Impressions always accompany tourists on a journey. It depends on you what they will be, so you need to foresee everything. Choose a country, city, hotel and make a list of attractions. When you are in a new place, you can look at yourself and the world around you. This article is about how to prepare for the main event of the summer in the best way.

  1. If you don’t want to overpay for tickets, look for variants of flight in the browser mode "Incognito". During the time that you planned a trip, the search engine adapted to the requests, so now it gives out the most expensive directions.
  1. Book tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday after 15:00. At this time, airlines make discounts on flights. Choosing one airport on a round-trip basis, you can save lots of money. Flight booking sites often have a Show Me All feature where you can see the entire list of great and attractive deals.
  1. Don't take a lot of things, packing your baggage. Make a list of the most needed. Let the clothes be comfortable. In order that it is not wrinkled, roll it into a roll. This will relieve strong creases on the fabric.
  1. Buy tickets, you can order an individual menu, corresponding to your type of food. For example, vegetarian, vegan or kosher.
  1. The main goal of vacation is to get new emotions, impressions and experiences. You can save on housing and learn more about the country you are going to, using CouchSurfing.com and BeWelcome.org. Ads of local residents are published on this site. They are ready to host you free of charge. Prepare souvenirs and recall English, because there is a lot to communicate.
  1. Rent a car. This way you will be able to see even more attractions, move around comfortably and not overpay for a taxi. Before you go, set your route to the places you want to visit. Calculate the time, cost of gasoline, and read about the traffic rules of the country where you are going on vacation.

Travel more often. To see the world is much cheaper than we think. Do not set boundaries - cross them!

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