5 places to see in Switzerland

5 places to see in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country famous for banks, cheese, watches, chocolate and its pacifism. It has one of the highest living standards on the planet, a developed economy and infrastructure, and you can't make any noise here after 10 pm, so the mountainous country is considered one of the most comfortable for life.


Some tourists mistakenly consider Geneva the capital of Switzerland, but this is not the case. Geneva is a fairly large city, along with Zurich, therefore it attracts many tourists. Legally, Switzerland does not have a capital at all; many federal organizations are scattered in different cities. In fact, Bern is tacitly considered the capital, but this is not legally fixed.

Geneva is a beautiful city on the shores of Lake Leman with a 147-meter fountain installed under the water. By the way, it offers magnificent views from its coast, and numerous water taxis can take you anywhere on the coast. Geneva is called the center of humanistic principles in Europe, as well as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Visitors feel as comfortable as possible here, which is difficult to achieve in some other unfamiliar city.

Geneva is not rich in attractions. The most visited place here is the historical center, which is not surprising. But the city has a huge number of restaurants, cafes and shops, where you can taste not only the legendary cheeses and chocolate, but also buy some to take on the road. Fans of knives and watches will not pass by either. The famous Swiss Made is here.

Chillon Castle

From Geneva, in a rented car, we head east along the lake shore. About an hour on the way, and we reach the town of Villeneuve. One of the most interesting castles in Switzerland, Chillon, is located in its vicinity. This natural stone structure is of great cultural and historical value.

Standing on a tiny island in the lake, the castle is connected to the shore by a bridge, and its high walls against the backdrop of a regal landscape guarantee some stunning photographs. However, in addition to the stunning sight, the castle itself has been a key economic hub of Switzerland for centuries. Here taxes were collected from all over the country, in addition, it is located on an important transport artery, so it could control the trade relations of the countries.

If Switzerland is the financial center of the world, then Chillon Castle is the financial center of Switzerland itself, historically, of course.

Castle Gruyeres

Our next destination is located 40 minutes from Chillon Castle. Without exaggeration, Gruyeres can be called one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Here you will find stunning mountain landscapes interspersed with endless meadows, and the town itself is filled with an atmosphere of tranquility.

Here you can visit the castle itself and three museums, one of which is dedicated to the creator of the visual image of aliens from the film "Aliens". The Giger Museum is completely made in the style of a motion picture and is partly even creepy. Ideal for cult movie fans.

Reichenbach waterfall

One and a half hours to the east is another famous place - the Reichenbach waterfall.

In addition to the beautiful nature and clean mountain air, this natural site is famous for the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was here that Sherlock Holmes entered into the final showdown with Professor Moriarty.

An interesting fact: after the death of Holmes, on the pages of the book, Conan Doyle began to receive letters from readers with reproaches and discontent. And some even threatened to kill the writer himself if he did not bring the beloved character back to life. Sir Arthur had no choice but to continue the story of the legendary detective.


Our last point can be called the most distant from the rest. Appenzell is a city in the east of Switzerland. It's a little less than 3 hours to get here from the waterfall, but it's worth it.

If Switzerland is a country of ski resorts and winter sports, then Appenzell is a city for those who do not like either one or the other. It is ideal to come here in the summer and walk along the tiny streets surrounded by ornamented houses and picturesque architecture.

However, this does not mean that there is nothing to do here. Want a thrill away from the snowy slopes? Try a bobsleigh track. Rapid acceleration and dashing turns are easy to replace ski slalom and will give the feeling of flight, adrenaline and tousled hair. At the end of the ride, someone will probably say «I will never sit on this again», and after 15 minutes they will want to ride again.

Additional expenses

First of all, remember that Switzerland is an expensive country. Yes, the standard of living here is one of the highest in the world, however, the prices are matched. Don't forget to set aside enough money for souvenirs, watches, cheese or chocolate, whichever you need.

Accommodation is also worth considering. In principle, it is possible to drive around all the places in one day (in total, the road takes only 6 hours), but this will greatly affect the impressions. Haste, as you know, does not lead to anything good.

If you have already decided to go on a trip, prepare a spare digital media: most likely photos and videos will take up almost all the memory of your smartphone :)

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