5 most strange traffic rules in the world

5 most strange traffic rules in the world

Traffic rules are needed to regulate traffic and reduce the number of accidents, but there are also frankly absurd records among them. However, for their violation it is quite possible to get a fine.

Drinking while driving

In most countries, a drunk driver not only risks losing his license and receiving a large fine, but also poses a threat to other motorists. But not in Costa Rica. Drinking a bottle of beer while driving here is a common thing, but you should not overdo it. The permissible blood alcohol level is 0.5 ppm. If the test shows more, there will be serious problems.

Dog on the roof

The United States is famous for strange laws that can vary greatly from state to state. For example, in Alaska there is a regulation prohibiting tying dogs to the roof of a car. Who in their right mind would come up with this idea is not clear, but there is a penalty, so if you want to experiment, you'd better go to another state.

Second set of glasses

Or contact lenses, depending on preference - these are the traffic rules in Spain. If suddenly you don't have them in your car, you can count on sanctions. The logic of this law is clear: a driver with poor eyesight will always have a “B” plan in case of glasses breakage and will not create an emergency.

Stop on the Autobahn

German highways are well-known for their coverage and almost no speed limits. However, there is one point that motorists completely forget about, getting the opportunity to press the pedal to the floor — fuel. If it ends, or the car stops for any other reason, expect a fine for obstructing traffic. This is not to mention the danger of getting hit in the trunk at a speed of 200 km / h!

Hold it tight!

The Cypriot authorities decided to deal with accidents in an interesting way. Drivers are required to keep both hands on the steering wheel. Of course, except for those moments when you change gears or operate the car in another way, for example, turn on the air conditioner. In other cases, you may be punished financially, even if you just drank a little water from a bottle or sent a chocolate bar into your mouth.


Finally, another ridiculous law: in Alabama it is forbidden to drive a car with your eyes closed. Indeed, at least it is not very convenient ...

Remember that observance of traffic rules is a guarantee of your safety and safety of the car!

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