5 cities where driving is difficult

5 cities where driving is difficult

Many people believe that it is very difficult to drive a car in Moscow: traffic jams, restrictions at 100 km/h on the MKAD, violators and other factors. This situation on the roads is not only in the capital of Russia. Today we will tell you about 5 cities where it is difficult to drive for certain reasons.

Bangkok, Thailand

Driving in Bangkok is difficult and dangerous. Traffic is very dense, the capital of Thailand is one of the cities with the largest traffic jams in the world every year. There are a lot of auto rickshaws and scooters in the city, whose drivers do not comply with traffic regulations. Motorcycle accidents account for 70% of all road accidents.

Driving tips:

Please note that many road signs are in Thai. Avoid the left lane, it is used for trucks. Be careful when turning right, it is better to get behind the car in front of you and follow it.

Istanbul, Turkey

In Istanbul, due to the narrow streets and large traffic, driving is not a pleasure. Local residents do not follow traffic rules: they can run a red light or cross a double solid road. Motorcyclists ride on sidewalks without helmets. Istanbul residents also stop in the wrong places. You can see parked cars on the expressways and on the bridge.

Driving tips:

If you see a car ahead of you stopping at the curb, be careful - the doors may open at any moment. Drivers don't check whether someone is riding behind them or not.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In the capital of Argentina, the transport system is well established: there are almost no traffic jams in the city, there are many underground Parking lots and garages. But because of the crazy driving style of the locals, driving a car will not be easy for you. Neither drivers nor pedestrians observe traffic rules. Everyone focuses not on the traffic lights, but on their eyes: when there is no one, then you can go.

Driving tips:

Be on your guard - the car ahead of you may stop and turn around very suddenly. Argentines rarely turn on their turn signals. Buses here go fast and slow down very sharply. Please note that one-way traffic is widespread in Buenos Aires.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico has good toll highways in popular tourist areas. In General, it is easy to drive a car in the country, but this does not apply to its capital, Mexico city. There are very big problems with traffic jams in the city. Also, Mexicans are not the most accurate drivers - they can move very sharply and forget to turn on the signals when turning.

Driving tips:

At gas stations, many tourists are deceived. You can't refuel yourself; only the gas station employee can do this, and you pay them money at the end. Sometimes this employee may "forget" to reset the pump, be on your guard. And fill up only with a certain amount of money, not liters!

Jakarta, Indonesia

In Jakarta, the situation on the roads is similar to traffic in Bangkok - a lot of motorcycles and scooters, major traffic problems. There are no road signs in the city at all. In poor areas, roads can be narrow and uneven.

Driving tips:

Tropical rain can take you by surprise. The main thing is not to panic - it will end soon, but be careful later, the roads will be slippery. To avoid accidents with motorcyclists, do not drive around the city.

If you are going to one of these cities and plan to take a car there, be careful and be patient. In any city, you can avoid problems with driving a car, the main thing is to get used to the local style of traffic and not drive.

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