5 atypical routes for autumn road trips in Russia

5 atypical routes for autumn road trips in Russia

Summer can be extended if you really want to or just take a vacation at the beginning of September. There are 10 days left until autumn, so it's time to plan a trip that will finish the summer of 2020.

We have collected 5 destinations in Russia where you should go by car:

  1. The Long Spit

This unique place of natural origin is located in the Krasnodar territory, on the Eastern coast of the Sea of Azov. The length reaches about 9 kilometers, but the continuation of the spit is considered to be Long Islands rich in flora and fauna. At the beginning of the spit is the village of Dolzhanskaya, where tourists can stay.

  1. The Lake Brosno

Unfortunately, you can't swim here. But if you live in the Tver region or will be passing through, be sure to look at this wonderful corner of nature. Dozens of myths and legends have been told about the lake. According to one story, the lake is home to the "Brosnan monster", a Russian equivalent of the Scottish Nessie (Loch Ness monster).

  1. Zelenogradsk

Even if you have already been to Kaliningrad, you should buy tickets here again. From the city itself, you can go by rented car to Zelenogradsk, which is located 24 kilometers away. The city is located on the Baltic sea coast and is famous for its balneological resorts. There is a great promenade for the evening, as well as a good beach with a funny name "Skovorodka" which is russian word for a "pan".

By the way, from Zelenogradsk you can get to the Curonian spit.

  1. The Caspian sea

Most tourists choose European resorts, Crimea, and the black sea coast for their beach holidays. Few people go to the Caspian sea. There are good beaches in Derbent, Makhachkala and Astrakhan.

The Caspian sea is actually a lake; it was named a sea because of its size.

  1. Big Utrish

Probably, you have already been to Anapa, but it is unlikely that you have reached the Big Utrish. The village is located 15 kilometers from Anapa on the Black Sea coast. A pebbly beach and clear waters, a gentle entrance, camping places - what else does a real traveler needs?

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