3 general things you have to know about a road trip along Route 66

3 general things you have to know about a road trip along Route 66

Be prepared for a 10-day trip down Route 66, if you choose to travel by car. Rent a car, book hotels and plan all your stops for a 3945 kilometers trip in one direction.

Route 66 is the first U.S. highway to connect Chicago with Los Angeles, passing through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Since 1926, the highway has been rebuilt and expanded several times. Eventually, the legendary Route 66 was replaced by modern highways that connected all States. However, the highway is still used today: often by the tourists.

Buy a map and mark the entire route, all your stops, refuelling included, to create a special atmosphere for a road trip. Typical landscapes from American films are waiting for you: single-storey houses, motels, canyons and roadside diners and old gas stations. You will feel the romance of a typical road movie and a road trip on Route 66.

1. Choosing a car

The most important thing in this trip is to have economical fuel consumption, and for you to be able to rest in the back seat of your car.

2. Read the American traffic laws

Be sure to read the rulebook for this road. Remember that if a police officer stops you, don't get out of the car without his request. Each state may have different rules. Here you can read about the traffic laws in each state.

3. Do not forget about the details

Plan your journey down to the details:

  • how many times and where will you make stops;
  • book motels (not hotels, this is America);
  • set aside money for unplanned expenses;
  • take extra food with you.

You might make a few stops in the cities. Ask local friends or search the Internet for places of interest you can visit.

What is there to do in Chicago?

The city of Blues, jazz clubs, and art. It is worth visiting at least one of the art centers. These include the business center with skyscrapers and streets decorated with paintings by Chagall, Picasso, and Miro.

The Millennium Park is definitely a place to visit, here, on the territory of 100m² there are many expositions and thematic areas. For example, find an interactive Crown Fountain in the Park. It's the screen that millions of photos of Chicago residents turn into the face of one. "Heroes" often change emotions and a stream of water shoots from a mouth every 5 minutes.

By the way, about water. The southern part of the city faces lake Michigan.

Another tourist attraction is the Cloud Gate sculpture, which the locals call "Bob". The structure consists of 168 polished glass slabs. It's a very popular place for selfies. Do not forget to take a photo yourself. 🤳

The Millennium Park is good to have a hot dog (they are made in poppy seed buns) while sitting in a shade from the rees.

Why stop in Texas? Lake Michigan

Canyons, cowboys, Clint Eastwood movies, scorching sun. And what associations of this Wild West state do you have?

I want to put on a hat and cowboy boots and sit in a saloon, but the actual entertainment in Texas is different. Visit Big Bend National Park, see where the Rio Grande flows, or Guadalupe the legendary summit. Of course,You could visit the Cadillac ranch.

How to not waste time in Los Angeles?

"City of Angels — the place where they shot "Beauty" and where you can meet a celebrity. This is the endpoint of your journey in one direction, but do not get out of the car yet. Drive through Beverly Hills, Rodeo drive, get to Hollywood and don't forget to visit the Walk of Fame.

Not every state or city has attractions that deserve your attention. Map and list the "must-see" locations according to your interests.

Have you had any experience in such journeys? Looking forward to your advice in the comments.

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