10 most reliable cars in 2021

10 most reliable cars in 2021

A decisive factor in choosing the best car is reliability. You may buy the one that looks really good and has lots of reviews, but if it suffers plenty of costly faults, though, expenses will start to increase. So you better choose the reliable one, and your costs will include only consumables and servicing as it ages. British experts from "What Car" magazine published a new rating of the most reliable cars in 2021. This research is based on the responses of 16,000 drivers and it includes cars with the least number of breakdowns over the past year. 

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Lexus NX, 98.7%

Lexus got a high score as the most reliable brand; its cars have the least number of breakdowns and practically all work was done for free.

Dacia Sandero, 97.3%

Budget brand Dacia doesn't make you spend the whole budget to get a reliable car and helps to save money on the cheap service. But there's a little chance that you will need it — car breaks rarely.

Hyundai i30, 97.1%

Hyundai is a champion in producing dependable cars: its i10 and i20 won the drivers' hearts. i30 isn't an exception. Extra advantage — five-year unlimited mileage warranty. It means that most problems will be fixed for free.

Suzuki Swift, 97.1%

Suzuki Swift is the third most reliable small car, while its Vitara and Ignis are in the top half of reliability in the small SUV class.

Toyota RAV4, 97.0%

Toyota RAV4 deservedly got 97.0%. Everybody, who at least once has driven the Toyota, knows that its cars are rocks!

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, 96.9%

The Eclipse Cross is the most reliable crossover in the range, with a remarkable 96.9% reliability score. 

Mazda CX-3, 95.9%

The 2021 Mazda CX-3 got the fine score from consumer reports this year. The average annual repair cost is less than $400 which means it has excellent ownership costs.

Kia Optima, 95.8%

Optima takes first place in Kia's reliable car range and the eighth in the worlds' list. And that's enough to say that this car will suit you for decades!

Skoda Superb, 95.0%

Good for a town, either for a long-term trip. Decent interior, no engine noise in the cabin. And a little cost for service! Simply reliable car.

Honda HR-V, 94.2%

Honda HR-V is a great crossover. It provides an enjoyable driving experience and has great fuel economy estimates. 

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