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Cadillac Escalade 2019

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4 Seats
2 Bags
Petrol 5.7 l

Rental terms

Security deposit
Security deposit Fully refundable
Payment method:
US$ 2 000
Maximum mileage per day
Maximum mileage per day
Additional distance fee
Additional distance fee
US$ 2 for
Extra usage day charge
Extra usage day charge
US$ 550 per day
Minimum driver age
Minimum driver age
25 years old
Minimum required driving experience
Minimum required driving experience
3 years
Fuel policy
Fuel policy
Same to Same
Minimum rental period
Minimum rental period
1 day


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout

Protection plans
Add optional Protection plan to your trip at checkout

Third party insurance (TPL)


Full insurance

Not available


Minimum age for rental is 25 years old. No one under 25 is permitted to drive the vehicle.

All clients must be physically present during the preparation process of the documents and the car rental. Unfortunately, we do not allow the participation of a third party for car pick up. Our staff will have to personally provide our clients with the car keys.

Cars are available to foreign citizens with a valid passport and driver’s license of their country. We can arrange insurance documents for foreign visitors who are planning on renting for more than two days. Please note that foreign visitors who do not have the insurance documents, would have to make a higher security deposit of $ 1,000 – $25,000, depending on the vehicle.

Every renter must leave a security deposit in the form of cash or credit card. In case of any damages when returning the vehicle, an extra charge will apply from the security deposit. The amount of the deposit is going to vary depending on the value of the rented vehicle and its type of insurance documents. The approximate price is $ 1,000 – $*,***.

This deposit is fully refundable upon completion of the rental period. If you are using Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card, the deposit is deducted from the card, and you will be issued a full refund at the rental termination if no additional charges /damages were incurred.

We cannot provide you with the refund or change the date of the rental during unexpected weather conditions. However, we are flexible in case of unpredictable weather conditions or natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes or other extreme conditions that make driving unsafe. Our policy on these exceptions during these cases primarily refers to the time of receipt/return of the car, and not for the entire rental period.

Renters are responsible for parking, speeding, or other traffic violations during the rental of the vehicle and must pay every applied fees, fines, towing costs and other costs and fines incurred during the rental period.

We do not offer refunds on car rentals and gift certificates.

Additional drivers must be listed on your rental agreement for an extra fee. Each additional driver must be present at the time of a car rental and submit in advance their driver’s license and age limitations.

You can choose to receive/return the car in our office or at your home, hotel, airport or anywhere else at your convenience for a minimal fee. We can also provide storage of your vehicle at our parking lots for free. Doorstep delivery of the vehicle is also available for a minimal cost depending on the distance of your destination.

Please note: All the dates of receipt/return of cars must be confirmed in advance, at least 24 hours to ensure the provision of services on time.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are the recommended methods of payment for both, rental and the security deposit. In some cases, checks or cash can be accepted, if arranged in advance.

Cars are delivered to our clients with the full tank of gas, and should also be returned with the full tank. An additional charge of $9 per gallon will be charged to refuel.

All vehicles must be operated with premium gasoline (93+ octane). NO EXCEPTIONS. Violating this will result in loss of deposit.

Rent during the weekdays and weekends include 100 miles free per each day. Every extra mile must be paid by the specified value.

Vehicles are NOT ALLOWED to be driven outside the state of Georgia unless explicitly stated in writing during the reservation. We reserve the right to disable the vehicle if the rental is taken out of the state without prior written consent.

We offer a 1 hour window from the scheduled drop off time to return the vehicle. Returning the vehicle outside of this window will result in an additional charge as follows: 25% of the daily rate for the 1st hour outside the 1 hour grace window and another 25% of the daily rate for the 2nd hour outside the grace window, after which the full daily rate will be charged.

The following are strictly prohibited, no exceptions:

SMOKING IN THE VEHICLE – no exceptions!
Driving without a valid driver’s license.
Spraying of fragrances, air fresheners or any scented/perfumed substance inside the vehicle.
For any illegal purpose or any illegal activity whatsoever.
To transport people or property for hire or profit.
For towing or pushing any item.
Exceeding any posted speed limits.
For any speeding tests or high-speed competition, race, rally, and endurance races, or demonstrations.
Teaching someone to drive
Driving on any unpaved surfaces.
Violation of these prohibited activities, we reserve the right to terminate your rental agreement and disabling the vehicle. You will also risk losing your entire security deposit for violating any of these prohibited uses.

The renter must carry full verifiable and valid insurance coverage on their personal automobile for the duration of the rental. All renters must take a full responsibility for any damages to the vehicle from a car accident or any other damages incurred to vehicle while in their possession.

When you book your car, we will check your credit card for the full amount of your rental, however, you will not be charged until you are provided with the rental vehicle.

Since we have a limited number of rental cars, we are on a very tight schedule. We offer a 24-hour window after booking to make any changes or cancellations (if rent is not less than 7 days), followed by the cancellation fee of 50 percent of the total rental or $ ***.

If you cancel or transfer less than 7 days prior the rental date you will be charged the full cost of the cancellation.


USB adapter
USB adapter
Sound system
Sound system
Leather interior
Leather interior
Air conditioner
Air conditioner
Heated seats
Heated seats
Cruise control
Cruise control
Parking sensors
Parking sensors
Apple CarPlay
Apple CarPlay

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Questions and answers

What documents do I need to rent a car?
  • A passport

  • A local or international driving licence, depending on where you're renting

The owner also has the right to request a picture of you with your driving licence.

What is NOT included in the vehicle price shown on the website?

Costs for fuel, parking, and any other additional services the owner may offer. For example, delivery/return of the vehicle, child seats or additional insurance.

What do I do if I need a child seat?

When choosing a car to book, you can message a manager using our online chat and they will find out whether the owner has a child seat. You can also specify this in the comment field when leaving a request for a personally selected car.

Can I leave the country or region in a rental car?

Yes, if the vehicle owner agrees.