Tips for car rental

Tips for car rental

Planning to rent a car during the journey? These pieces of advice would be helpful for you!

  1. You should consider road types and weather conditions Unlikely that riding a cabriolet during the rainy day or driving an urban subcompact on the rough roads will bring you any pleasure.
  2. Rent a car with diesel engine if you are planning a long-time trip. This car will cost a little more but you can save money because of low diesel prices.
  3. Examine the car with the owner before renting, make photos of all defects and save them into your smartphone.
  4. Consider information about the car insurance. You should know what can be included in basic service package before making a decision. You may decide to buy full insurance or search for the cheaper option.
  5. If you are planning to travel with children notify you rental company about it beforehand. The company needs some time to find the right type of child seat.
  6. Going to the sea? Remember that wet clothes with salt on it can leave stains on the seats. When you take your car back the owner can fine you. Dry-cleaning is an expensive service and you will lose a lot of money.

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