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Hyundai is going hydrogen

Hyundai is going hydrogen

Hyundai announced the Hydrogen Vision 2040 plan. Company believes that by 2030 such cars will be comparable to electric cars. Also Hyundai presented hydrogen fuel car prototypes that include the Vision FK concept of hybrid sport car and unmanned container transport truck called Trailer Drone.

Vision FK has a 670-horsepower engine and it's capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h for 4 secs. With a full charge and its tanks full, the Vision FK concept will go for 600 km before needing to recharge.

The Trailer Drone is equipped with an unmanned control system and a hydrogen power setting. Moreover, the number of fuel tanks is selected individually for each route, depending on the distance. Fully charged tanks allow travel more than 1000 kilometers.

Earlier Hyundai said that the company is going to stop selling cars with traditional gasoline and diesel engines in Europe after 2035. By 2040, the company will offer only electric vehicles. Production with gasoline and diesel engines will finally stop after 2045.

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